Vita Alok Pareek


Dr. Alok Pareek is the head of a modern homeopathic center in Agra, India since 1981.
Together with his father Dr. S. R. Pareek he takes care of up to 200 patients every day in his outpatient clinic. Besides, they have a modern inpatient hospital with 50 beds, providing pre- and postoperative homeopathic care.

Alok Pareek, born 1956, was awarded the gold medal as DHMS from the Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and hospital in New Delhi. Afterwards he spent time as PGR in the Lukas-hospital in Arlesheim, Switzerland. He is the chairman of the Advisory Committee for Development of Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathic System of Medicine, government of Uttar Pradesh, India and a member of the homeopathic faculty at the University of Agra.

Alok Pareek regularly conducts seminars on Applied Homeopathy in Europe (with Dr. Dario Spinedi: »Progressed and Difficult Cases of Cancer«, Ischia 2005), in North America, Australia, Russia and in Asian countries. For the best scientific presentation on the occasion of the International Homeopathic Conference in New Delhi in February 1993 he received a high award.

A selection of his seminar topics: »The Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Kidney Failure« (Malaysia, 2002), »The Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer« (Bremen, 2004 und Stockdorf, 2006), »The Homeopathic Treatment of Children and Kidney Diseases« (Stockdorf, 2007), »Homeopathic Prescription in Emergencies and Acute Diseases - Applied Materia Medica« (Stockdorf, 2008), »The Homeopathic Treatment of Abdominal Diseases« (Stockdorf, 2009).

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